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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 by WebAdmin

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Congrats to our Statesmen!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 by WebAdmin

Marshall sweeps Virginia Conference 13 spring sports championships! You can read all about it at The Statemen’s six baseball, lacrosse, soccer and softball teams all win conference crowns in unprecedented two-day span.



Saturday, May 16th, 2015 by WebAdmin

“What is mindfulness?”, you may ask.

During this school year, parents and staff have been exploring ways to bring mindfulness to Marshall. What is mindfulness, you may ask. The group that Marshall has been talking with, Minds, Incorporated, define mindfulness this way:

“Mindfulness means to pay attention to the present moment, with intention, in a non-judgmental way. It is a practice of awareness and observation. (Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer of Mindfulness in the United States)

Mindfulness allows us to have moment-to-moment awareness and understanding of the reality of what is actually happening inside our body, our mind, and our external environment. This simple act of noticing the reality of something as it is, stripping away the layers of our mind’s labels, judgments, and narratives, gives us the ability to respond, rather than impulsively react, to any event or circumstance in our lives. From this place of clearer seeing, we better understand the inner workings of our own minds and bodies, and have a newfound skill at making decisions from a place of strength, wisdom, and compassion. As these “Mindful moments” add up, it allows us to feel a greater sense of peace in our daily lives, and to help us connect with ourselves and others in a more profound way.”

Studies have shown that mindfulness can reduce stress and help with focus. With all the demands Marshall students face, we would like to equip them with the skills mindfulness teaches:  observation, acceptance, and awareness of both their inner thoughts and experiences and the world around them.

Some of the issues facing us are how to bring mindfulness training to the most students at the best cost. Stay tuned for more information as we work more of these issues out.

Questions/comments:  please email them


For more information about Minds, Incorporated and mindfulness in general, go to:

Support Activities at Marshall- Join Boosters!

Monday, December 1st, 2014 by WebAdmin

The Marshall Booster Club supports all extra-curricular activities at GCM. We sponsor fund raisers that are well organized, designed to minimize the amount of time involved, and offer a great way to meet members of the GCM community. Volunteer just 2 to 3 hours per year and you help insure that your student has the support needed to compete in ourdistrict’s athletics and activities. Join the Boosters, and/or make a donation to help support the boosters.

WE DEPEND ON OUR COMMUNITY TO SUPPORT ALL SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES. The county budget does not cover most anything you think they should. When you see teams with new uniforms, the latest practice equipment, helmets and other safety gear, and more, it is the Boosters providing those items.

Join or register at (click parents tab) and pay for your membership, annual pass, donation and even join the PTSA all at one easy online stop!

More information can be found at

Thank You!

Saturday, October 25th, 2014 by WebAdmin

Thanks to all who contributed goodies that we handed out to our Food Service Workers and our Bus Drivers and Attendants on October 17th and 20th.  As our numbers grow, so did our goodie bags and we are up from 100 to 120!  We included all of the Davis Center busses in our mix and all were thrilled to receive…when it comes to contributing, nobody does it better than our great parents and guardians here at GCM.  Thank you and Go Statesmen!

The GCM PTSA Hospitality Committee

Volunteer as an Advocate!

Saturday, October 25th, 2014 by WebAdmin

The Fairfax County Council of PTA’s is seeking participants for the FCCPTA efforts to advocate for K-12 Education. During 2014-2015 the FCCPTA will be focusing on the school budget. If you are interested in volunteering as an advocate, contact:
David Edelman at  or
Dina Najia at

In the alternative, download this:
FCCPTA Advocacy Interest Form and fax or mail the completed form to the address noted on the document.

GCM and Amazon!

Thursday, September 18th, 2014 by WebAdmin

Still have some shopping to do??  Thinking about ordering some things off of Amazon? Will you do us a favor? Use this link:  SAME SITE AND SAME PRICE,  only ANGC (All Night Grad Celebration) earns a portion of the sale.  It’s the easiest way to donate to a safe, fun and celebratory night for our GCM Seniors and it benefits our entire community  at NO COST to you!

Whenever you make a purchase off Amazon by using this, our Marshall  ANGC will benefit!  Put it into your “favorites” because every year, it just keeps working for the next batch of Seniors.

A Wonderful Welcome Breakfast!

Monday, September 8th, 2014 by WebAdmin


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