GCM Pantry and Amazon Wish List

About the Market

The Marshall Market provides food and other items to insecure students. The money is used to buy Giant and Safeway gift cards and is given privately through the student’s counselors at Marshall HS. The combination of generous Marshall families and dedicated school staff allowed our Food Pantry to reach out to those in our community who are food insecure.

Supporting Our Students During Covid-19

On May 13th, the Marshall Market sent out this news release. Your incredible generosity is a wonder to behold! We are sending out thanks with an image of “snail mail” to respect social distancing 🙂 AND to honor that while the Marshall Market isn’t operating as normal (what is?!) WE ALL have figured out a way to STILL HELP!

Today, we gave the social workers and counselors over $4,000 in gift cards in $25 increments and $600 in feminine products donated through our partnership with BRAWS. Amazing! Mr. Sosa said that he wished we could all see the faces of those we are helping in this strange time. Now that is uplifting!

Look for messages once August roles around and we need to stock the pantry. Or keep helping in this manner. Let’s be flexible and know we are so grateful.

Helping the Marshall Market via PayPal

We now have a PayPal account below. https://paypal.me/pools/c/8nDhXWYR41

It will go into a dedicated money pool through my account for ease of tracking and reporting the activity. You can send a Safeway gift card through PayPal, too! (You may be charged a small fee based upon the amount.)

The Marshall Market co-chairs will collect the money, purchase gift cards, and deliver to the amazing staff at GCM! Many people are wisely limiting their trips to the store. We have a solution!

Still in place, the old fashioned snail mail route! We are asking for Safeway and Giant gift cards in the amount of $25. Each Monday, we will ask for them as it is a long term need. Checks can also be sent to me. Please make them out Rachel Stott with Marshall Market in the memo line.

Please do not feel like you need to donate every week. Anything you give will be much appreciated. We are in a marathon, not a sprint. Let’s all continue the helping and caring tradition that runs deep in the Marshall community!

Food Available Upon Request (When School is Open and Students are on Campus)

Each week, students in the Marshall Market Club put together “Friday bags” of items such as granola bars, trail mix, easily prepared individual servings of mac and cheese and soup, milk etc. Guidance counselors distribute them. All communication between the students who receive help from the Market is strictly confidential.

In addition, the Market is stocked with food that is available upon request daily. Toiletries and feminine hygiene products are also available. Throughout the year, there are special forms of assistance offered such as Thanksgiving bags of food.

If you send a grocery gift card, please send a quick email to pantry@gcmptsa.org so we keep an eye out for it.

This sign up will be updated monthly. Thank you in advance for helping to make this second year another success!

Thank you for all you do to make our community a better place!

Rachel Stott and Marie Windt
Marshall Market co-chairs (pantry@gcmptsa.org)