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Reflection Winners

Congratulations to our top four 1st place winners


Photographic Category:

Victoria Espinoza

Visual Arts Category:

LA Clutch

…i was once hopeless

I am Hopeful because hope is not defined in the word, but by the feeling of Hopelessness. and is not shaped by desire, but in a matter of time. 

hope is in Tears, knowing that they dry…Eventually

hope is in Nights, knowing day has to come Again…at some Point

hope is in Loneliness, and knowing it has Not always been that way

hope is in Anger, knowing that you were Calm…once Before

Hope is not found in confidence, but found in Uncertainty. hope is Fleeting, yet Stubborn.

hope is Indecisive, it knocks on your door, yet is not there when you open it, but keeps coming back.

hope is Cynical, as it doesn’t appear in the good, but only in the Bad. hope is Cruel, as it Mocks you, but hope is Merciful, as it Saves you.


Film Production Category:

Sri Piramanayagam

PTSA Reflections Art Contest Results